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Dimitri Shapko - Designer's Insomnia
latest electronic tracks mixed for Desighers Night ( Toyota)

  1. Dimitri-Le Son Du Printems (Designers reDub) listen
  2. Dimitri - Say Something feat.Scott Allen listen
  3. Rock Box -(Dimitri rmx) listen
  4. My Definition Of Bombastic Jazz - (Dimitri jazz rmx) listen
  5. Supa - (Dimitri rmx) listen
  6. Dimensions 3D - (Dimitri rmx) listen
  7. Galetta Liquida - (Dimitri rmx) listen
  8. Dimitri - Once You Go-You Go!-(Sony Playstation) listen

Dimitri Shapko Live Mix Free MP3 download
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Dimitri Shapko LiveMix @ 06 en Scenes Festival / Nice / 14.04.06
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  1. Dimitri Shapko intro >>listen | download MP3
  2. Scott Allen - Be A Man >>listen | download MP3
  3. Shirley BunnyFoy -Take The A Train>>listen | downoad MP3
  4. David /Merla/ - Aint No Sunshine>>listen | download MP3
  5. Dimitri Shapko - My Secret Love>>listen | download MP3
  6. Jean Yves Mestre - Corcovado>>listen | download MP3
  7. UPDATE*- Freestyle Jam >> listen | download MP3
  8. Frank Schaap - Blues >> listen | download MP3
  9. Dimitri Shapko/Yona Yacoub -Most Generous >> listen | download MP3
  10. Frank Schaap + Everybody - What A Wonderful World >> listen | download MP3

Ultimate Jam Session
Jazz Night 3-4.11.05

broadcast archive rec@BarDesOiseaux
original artwork by
Maerta Wydler

THE BEST OF Last Dimitri Shapko Jazz Night @ The Bar Des Oiseaux 3-4 Nov. 2005 featuring an ALL STAR line-up of artis t such as Shirley Bunnie Foy, Phil Jones, Scott Allen Parker, Fréderic Luzignant, Yona Yacoub, David Amar, Jack Sewing, Jean-Yves Mestre, Ronnie Rae jr, David Zincke, Didier Kwo, Nico Gomez, Laurent Sarrien, Sebastien Chaumont, Mandarine trio....etc

Listen or download MP3's for FREE to keep this musical souvenir of that truely unforgetable Night!

  1. C Jam Blues (Ellington)>>listen
  2. Most Generous (D.Shapko) >>listen
  3. Sowieso (D.Shapko)>>listen
  4. Dee Blues (D.Shapko)>>listen
  5. Melancholica (D.Shapko)>>listen
  6. Love Birds (D.Shapko)>>listen
Dimitri Shapko
Jazz Night 19.11.05

broadcast archive rec@BarDesOiseaux
Dimitri Shapko - tenor sax/Frederic Luzignant - trombone/David Bressat -piano/Laurent Sarrien -drums/Marc Paillon -bass
Dimitri Shapko Jazz Night is broadcasted LIVE from the Bar Des Oiseaux every saturday night by